Dinosaur game - Google's no Internet Dino Runner

Offline Dino is an online archive for the famous Chrome's T-rex runner game that used to show up on the no internet (offline wifi) page. You can now play this dino game online and compete against other players to get on the daily, weekly, monthly or even all time top lists.

- Start game/Jump
- Jump
- Duck

To start the running press space bar. Use up arrow (↑) to jump and down arrow (↓) to duck down.

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Unknown facts about the Dino Runner game

Offline Dino is the classic browser game available on Chrome when there is no Internet connection. An excellent time killer, it's supported in all browsers now, as well as all devices. Press space to start and avoid obstacles by jumping or ducking.

No Internet, no drama

Losing your Internet connection feels like the end of the world, regardless of what you were doing. There are all kinds of reasons wherefore it may happen, although a quick rooter reboot will usually do. Regardless of the reason, Google knows you’re in pain.

Chrome users are familiar with the Offline Dino game. Instead of a plain blank page, you can enjoy an endless running game. Control a funky dinosaur and avoid obstacles, simple as that.

The game is built into the browser, which is excellent to keep users busy for a few minutes. Its simplicity makes it stand out, and believe it or not, it gained an impressive audience overtime.

Revolving around the classic Tyrannosaurus Rex, the game brings in obstacles like pterodactyls or cactus plants, which you need to avoid. As you gain distance, the speed increases too, making it more difficult.

The good news is you no longer need to wait for your Internet connection to fail, as you can play Offline Dino whenever you have a bit of time to kill.

How to play Chrome Dino game online?

You can launch the game in any browser, whether on a computer or mobile device. Control is fairly simple. Hit the spacebar, and the dinosaur will start moving to the right. You can use the space bar or the up arrow to jump, as well as the down arrow to duck.

The idea is to get as far as possible without touching any obstacles. The game stops when you touch an obstacle.

Our website uses is created as a progressive web app and you can always install it on your computer or phone so you can can back to it with or without Internet access. Although, if you want to play the original Chrome T-rex game instead you can always do so by typing "chrome://dino" or "chrome://network-error/-106" in the browser!

Who developed Chrome Dino?

The original game was developed by Sebastien Gabriel. The pixel style refers to the old error illustration associated with Google. The game has also been referred to as Project Bolan in the past, mainly because of Marc Bolan of T-Rex, a rock band from the ‘70s.

More features were planned for the dinosaur game, but developers decided to keep it simple after all. It was originally brought in 2014. These days, you no longer need to be offline to play the game. Instead, you can kill time whenever you feel like.

What is the highest score in chrome dino game?

You’ll never be able to clear the game because it takes about 17 million years to do it according to developers, but you can certainly have a good time pushing for it. The highest score you can achieve in Dino Runner is 99,999. Although, in reallity its not possible to achieve 99,999 score without the use of cheats. Unfortunately, we can't say who holds the world record since you can't tell if a player used any hacks. There is a Facebook post by Google India with many comment score claims in the ranks of 30,000-40,000. There is a also a YouTube live stream by Airz, claiming to have achived a score in the ranks of bilions but by all means he is using a hacked version of the game.