Privacy Policy

The policy of privacy protection defines the ways our copany Offline Dino LLC collects, stores and uses the user data collected on our website This file covers the full details for the data collected solely on our website and not any other place. This privacy policy does not cover your entrance and usage of other domains/website that our website links to.

What Kind of Information Do we Collect?

Durning you whole stay at the website of Offline Dino, your privacy is highly respected and taken care of. During your stay, we collect information from your IP address such as location, browser, user agents and providers. This data is safely stored and will not be revealed, shared or sold under any circumstances. All this information as a whole is not enough to identify a person who stays behind the device that was used to access our website.

Usage of the Stored Data

The sole purpose and use of this information are to improve your personal user experience on our website and deliver better services.

The Creation and Usage of Cookies

"Cookies" are small text files that are stored on your computer and are connected to your web browser and their usage is to store your behavior on a given website, but are not connected to your privacy in any way. As such, Offline Dino LLC creates and stores these cookies with the purpose of following your website behavior and further improving and enhancing our services. Every visitor on our website holds the right to user cookie free browsers or modes that reject the creation and storage of cookies and we respect your opinion if you decide to do so.

Advertisments on Tierlitics

Tierlitics LLC uses third party advertisments that are show on our websites in form of text, banners or interactive flash or html5 materials. All advertisers have their own privacy policy and we suggest you check them before clicking on any of them. We are not responsible for your privacy after you have entered a website other than Offline Dino through an advertisment or external link.

Privacy Policy Changes

Tierlitics LLC holds the right to edit or expand this privacy policy page in any given time. If we do this we will responsibly anounce this on our website and add the correction date at the bottom of this document. Each visitor accept's and agree's to periodically check this page for corrections.

Acceptance of Conditions

With the entrance on our website and usage of our service you confirm the acceptance of the conditions stated here. If you, for any reason, do not accept the policies stated here, please do not use our website.

Last Updated: 11/20/2023 T11:48